Gut reactions, highlights from defeating Ohio

Michigan basketball took overtime to beat Ohio, and while it was ugly, the Wolverines found a way. Here are the highlights and gut reactions.

Michigan basketball narrowly escaped with a win against Ohio on Sunday night, and quite frankly, the Wolverines were lucky to do so.

Ohio got a good shot on last possession after a turnover and the Bobcats fouled Kobe Bufkin, who took two free throws to put Michigan to two.

Ohio then threw a baseball pass that bounced off the backboard and into the hands of Dwight Wilson, who sent the game into overtime with a 63-63 tie before Michigan could finally salt away the 70-66 win.

It felt like it was going to be a long night in the first half as the defense was poor and the Bobcats were firing. Hunter Dickinson put Michigan Basketball ahead with a shot on goal before the end of the first half to give the Wolverines a 33-31 lead.

Back-to-back triples by Terrance Williams and Jaelin Llewellyn gave Michigan a 41-35 lead and it felt like a breakup was imminent. However, Ohio went on an 18-6 run and the Wolverines suddenly found themselves six points down at home.

The score was about the same, with just minutes left, when some timely shots from Jett Howard, some key offensive rebounds and just enough stops forced overtime.

Howard hit another 3-ball in overtime, right after a Dickinson shot and Michigan was enough to hold on, although it wasn’t pretty.

Dickinson scored 24 points and grabbed 14 rebounds but missed a few easy buckets down the stretch that could have extended the lead. Jett Howard finished with 13 while Llewellyn had 10.

Here are the gut reactions.

Gut reactions from the Michigan basketball win over Ohio

  • The ball screen defense is a big burden. It was particularly bad in the first half.
  • Llewellyn and Kobe Bufkin were 6 of 21 off the floor. They made 3 out of 12 from the 3 point range, which was a slight improvement but is only 25 percent. That’s just not good enough.
  • Michigan is already facing teams that challenge its guards to shoot.
  • Terrance Williams didn’t shoot well, but his performance on the glass (three offensive boards, eight total) was tremendous, as were his two three-pointers.
  • Free throw shooting (12 of 20) was poor and nearly cost Michigan a win.
  • Llewellyn’s game is a real concern. His defense wasn’t great, he doesn’t shoot the ball well and feels like a liability on both sides. The transfer is not a guarantee.
  • The lack of urgency after an embarrassing loss was bad.
  • A win is better than a loss, but that’s three lackluster efforts in four games.
  • The depth is really shallow and the rotation will be short in the Big Ten game.
  • Hopefully these are just growing pains.
  • Go blue!