Michigan Football has officially shifted focus to Ohio State

It wasn’t pretty, but Michigan prevailed against a brave team from Illinois on Saturday.

The Wolverines went straight across the field on the first drive for a Blake Corum rushing touchdown. But after that, the wheels fell off, and Corn and Blue didn’t find the end zone for the rest of the game. Jake Moody saved Michigan’s season after firing a game-winning field goal with nine seconds left to give Michigan a 19-17 win.

The Wolverines have dominated every game they’ve played all season. This was the first game Michigan was deeply involved in a ball game, but receiver Ronnie Bell told the media he wouldn’t have it any other way if he were in a tight game like this.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way, man,” Bell said. “The amount of work that we put in is almost shit sometimes, if you win with a bunch you can’t play four quarters. So they wouldn’t want it any other way.”

When the clock struck zero, Michigan was 11-0 and will arrive undefeated in Columbus next weekend. The Buckeyes defeated Maryland on Saturday, although Ohio State had its own struggles. Both teams meet for the first time since 2006 without defeat.

Rod Moore and JJ McCarthy believe Michigan is up for the task. The Wolverines are feeling a little bruised at the moment, but both players told the media that Michigan will be poised and ready to go.

“I think we’re ready in every way for next week,” Moore said. “Whoever will rise, all will rise. So next week we will go out and attack and prepare.”

“We’re definitely ready,” McCarthy said. “We only have 22 guys out there. I know we will be ready.”

But how fast would Michigan turn the page to the state of Ohio? Usually, Jim Harbaugh says the Wolverines will enjoy a win for the rest of the night before looking at their next opponent. But Kris Jenkins said the Wolverines would likely turn their attention to Ohio State after the Illinois game.

“Tomorrow (Sunday) without a doubt,” Jenkins said. “We’re all looking forward to it, as you know, our coaches usually tell us that a win is what we enjoyed most of the night. You know, right after tonight we’re all excited, we’re all pushing for the big game. Which is the game next week. So it won’t be long before we start tuning in to this movie. Probably even tonight.”

Because the 2020 Michigan-Ohio State game was canceled due to COVID-19 under the Michigan program, most of the current Wolverines have not played in Columbus. In fact, many starters don’t know anything other than winning against the Buckeyes. Michigan defeated Ohio State 42-27 in Ann Arbor last year. The Big Ten championship game is on the table in the shoe next Saturday, and Jenkins shares similar sentiments when he says Michigan is ready. The Wolverines have been preparing for this moment all season and not that it’s here — Ohio State will get Michigan’s best shot.

“Honestly, I think we’re really prepared,” Jenkins said. “You know we’ve really tried to prepare that mindset for them all year round and everything we do to play football but with our training with everything. So we just set everything – everything we do, you know, we set that mindset and that attitude and that identity. So when we go over to play them, we give them our best.”