Ohio Theater Lima announces first show, SEASONED GREETINGS

Ohio Theater Lima announces first show, SEASONED GREETINGS

The Ohio Theater Lima has announced its first show Seasoned Greetings!

Act One: “A Very Dazzling Christmas”

This hilarious show of cheesy nightclub acts features the Lovejoy family, who have been in show business way longer than they should have been. Lyle Lovejoy is the unfortunate, shabby patriarch who, along with his also ex-wife Linda, their disinterested handsome son Luke, and their beautiful but insignificant adopted daughter Debbie, is here to entertain the handful of people stuck in the Pilot’s Lounge at Allen County Regional Airport. All these miserable people want is to hop on their private planes and rush home for Christmas, but they (our audience) need to be laughing and clapping until the New Year!

Lyle Lovejoy is played by Michael John Bouson

Linda Lovejoy is played by Kristin K. Lee

Zach Welly plays Luke Lovejoy

Debbie is played by Rosebelle Easthom

Mrs. “Maggie” Magpie – The long-suffering companion of The Lovejoy and Linda’s older sister is played by Dee Fisher

Pilot Pete – Airport night manager

Act Two: “Christmas in Tennessee”

Part One:

Setting – The multipurpose room at Tullahoma Elementary School

Steve, a second grade teacher at a Tennessee backwoods high school and amateur puppeteer, presents his second graders at their annual Christmas competition. Maybe it has something to do with Mrs. Magpie, who relocated from Lima to Tennessee in hopes of making it big in Nashville. As the children leave the stage through the audience, Steve performs a very disturbing rendition of the story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

Second part:

Backdrop – Dusty’s Dixie Dancehall & Destiny Lounge in Nashville, TN

The “kids” are all grown now and enjoying a Christmas get together at a Nashville dive bar where they reminisce about the good times and sing all the country carols they chorused in high school. This fun and heartwarming section is sure to have something for everyone and who knows, there might be a Christmas miracle!

7-year-old Michael Bob/All Grown up Michael is played by Michael John Bouson

Kristin K. Lee plays 7-year-old Kristin Sue/All Grown up Kristin

7-year-old Zachy Bob/All Grown Zach is played by Zach Welly

Rosebelle Easthom plays 7-year-old Rosey Sue/All Grown Up Rosebelle

Mrs. “Maggie” Magpie is played by Dee Fisher

Mr. Sycamore aka “Steve”/Santa is played by Joe Correll

Performances are Friday 9th December, Saturday 10th December, Friday 16th December, Saturday 17th December. In the event of an early sell-out, additional performances will be added on Thursday 22nd December and Friday 23rd December. Tickets are $45/$50 for a delicious Christmas buffet and show and are available at www.ohiotheatrelima.com