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Wheeling’s Thomas Gilson shops for Mancini’s bread at Center Market on Tuesday morning. Gilson says he’s thankful for his family this Thanksgiving.

WHEELING — As Ohio Valley families gather around the dinner table to celebrate Thanksgiving today, many are giving thanks for a variety of things, including their faith, family, health and more.

Residents who went shopping in the Wheeling area on Tuesday took time to share some of their gratitude for this Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

While working at the Valley Cheese Shop at Center Market, Wheeling’s Racheal Todd said she was grateful for her employment and more.

“I’m grateful that we have jobs, health and sanity,” she said.

One of Todd’s associates, McMechen’s Angel Beaver, said he was also grateful for her employment.

Photo of: Shelley Hanson

Racheal Todd, left, and her mother Diana Todd take a photo break while working at Valley Cheese at Center Market on Tuesday. Rachel Todd says she’s grateful for her health and job this Thanksgiving.

“I’m grateful for my job, my health and my family,” Beaver said.

While shopping for Mancini bread and other items at Center Market on Tuesday, Wheeling resident Thomas Gilson had several things for which he was grateful.

“I am grateful for my family, my children and my wife,” he said. “And the generous people in my life who have helped us stay afloat financially during tough times.”

Gilson noted that his family has a Thanksgiving tradition; Each person at the dinner table takes turns saying what they are grateful for.

While enjoying his Coleman’s Fish Sandwich, Wellsburg resident Vernon Smith said he was grateful for the upcoming presidential election in about two years.

Photo of: Shelley Hanson

Rev. Harry Croft, left, pastor of Marwin Church of the Nazarene, poses with his wife Florence and son Nelson Croft at Elm Grove McDonald’s on Tuesday. Rev. Croft says he is grateful for his family, his faith and his country.

“I’ll be grateful if Donny Trump gets elected. This one doesn’t work,” he said of current President Joe Biden.

Rev. Harry Croft, pastor of Marwin Church of the Nazarene, said he is thankful for many things, including the weekly Bible studies he and other members of his church hold at the Elm Grove McDonald’s.

“I am grateful for my children and grandchildren. I have one grandson and three granddaughters,” Croft said.

He said he is grateful that he can help people through the ministry of his church. He added that sometimes people take themselves for granted.

“We should show each other love,” Croft said.

He noted that he is also grateful to live in the United States.

“Even though we have some issues, it’s still the best country in the world and I’m grateful for that,” Croft said.

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