RECAP: No. 2 Ohio State vs. Maryland

Maryland opened the last quarter with a shot on goal to put the Buckeyes at 27-21. The Terrapins used six plays and put up 75 yards for the score, a 5-yard Tagovailoa rush. Maryland then succeeded in a 2-point conversion, a completion from Tagovailoa to Jacob Copeland.

Xavier Johnson then took the ensuing kickoff 46 yards to the OSU 47.

With a great starting position, the Buckeyes quickly drove to the UMD 13 to start another Hayden touchdown rush, this time from 13 yards.

WATCH: Dallan Hayden touchdown run

The Buckeyes lined up for a 2-point conversion attempt, but a game penalty delay brought Ohio State back to the UMD 8. Ruggles then attempted an extra point, which was blocked and returned by Maryland for two points to set the score of 33-23 Buckeyes to reach .

The Terrapins scored again on their next possession and rushed for 74 yards in seven games. Tagovailoa finished the drive with a 1-yard touchdown pass to Jeshaun Jones to make it 33-30 Buckeyes, playing 9:49.

The big play of the drive was a 49-yard pass play to Rakim Jarrett at the Ohio State 15.

The Buckeyes then drove to the Maryland 42 but didn’t convert to a fourth and one to give the ball back to the Terrapins.

Maryland was unable to get a first down and potted the ball back to the Buckeyes. Ohio State regained possession at OSU12 after a 42-yard kick.

Hayden got the Buckeyes going with rushes for 11 and 5 yards to break the 100-yard rushing mark for the game.

After a Maryland offside penalty gave the Buckeyes a first down at OSU 36, Hayden missed one for 18 yards against the Maryland 46.

After two Maryland timeouts, Stroud found Egbuka for a 9-yard gain and a first down at UMD33.

The Terps then called their last timeout with 3 minutes left.

Ohio State drove to the Maryland 27 and called a timeout when standing in fourth and third situations with 47 seconds remaining.

Ruggles then attempted a 45-yard field goal and managed to give Ohio State a 36-30 lead with 42 seconds left.

With Maryland finally gaining possession, the Ohio State defense pressured Tagovailoa at the goal line. Zach Harrison forced a fumble that was recovered in mid-air through Steele Chambers in the UMD1 and went into the end zone to set the final score of the game and give Ohio State the 43-30 win.