Roundtable Predictions for The Game

Our staff breaks down Michigan Football vs. Ohio State with a roundtable discussion about the Wolverines and Buckeyes.

With just one day left until Saturday’s game, for all the marbles, the table is set for a showdown of epic proportions in enemy territory.

For the first time since 2006, Michigan Football and Ohio State will meet at the end of the season as undefeated teams with a conference title game in the line and what appears to be a CFP berth as well.

Michigan Football and Ohio State have both endured growing pains throughout the season, with some close testing to take both teams 11-0.

It will take a tremendous effort from all units like last year to escape Columbus with a win against a rival and some GBM Wolverine staff offer you their predictions for The Game in this discussion board.

How nervous were you for the Illinois game? Did you think Michigan would pull it out in the end?

Jordan: I was confident that defense would give Michigan’s attack a chance. When we got that chance, I was confident that JJ would get into field goal range, but I wasn’t sure if we would make the end zone. About halfway through the fourth quarter I started thinking Michigan would win, but between the third quarter and this point I thought Illinois had it.

Josch: It was the first game of the entire season (and honestly since Nebraska last year) that I felt like Michigan couldn’t get the job done. When JJ McCarthy gave Cornelius Johnson the crazy snap, I knew the Wolverines were going to win.

Nick: My stomach cramped as the game progressed. I thought they could pull it out, but it came at a hefty price.

Cameron: Yeah, on a couple of those fourth down plays at the end of the game, those got-to-have-it plays, I figured Michigan wasn’t going to get it and we were going to lose. Thank goodness Michigan held onto it, but it was way too close to be comfortable.

Chris: I was very nervous after Corum left the game. I really questioned Harbaugh for not trying instead of kicking field goal four down, but he was right and I was wrong. Still, I almost had a heart attack.

How will you watch the Ohio State game? Will you be going to Columbus to see the game in person, going to a bar or restaurant, relaxing at home, etc.?

Jordan: While I wish I could go to Columbus and rock my Michigan gear, I’ll be watching the game at home with friends and family.

Josch: I don’t feel like going into the concrete jungle of Ohio Stadium. That being said, after moving to Alabama, the wife and I will be heading back north to the Mitten State to watch with friends and family. As I discussed with my wife, “There’s no way I’m watching this game with Alabama fans!” She’s a good woman.

Nick: I will watch the game at home and hope and pray for another win. It’s been 22 long overdue years since Michigan went to Columbus to do that and get that monkey off her back.

Cameron: I will watch the game at home with friends and family. Probably stress eating the leftover Thanksgiving dinner, especially this year with these high stakes.

Chris: I’ll watch at home. Also praying and freaking out for about four hours.