The fixes that need to be made in time for the state of Ohio

Each week, TMI’s Sam Webb and former Michigan defensive backs coach and Oklahoma State, Louisville and Texas defense coordinator Vance Bedford meet for Michigan’s defensive breakdown, a recap of the previous week’s competition with an in-depth look at game strategy and -analysis. Bedford uses his decades of coordination experience to explain the key takeaways for the Wolverines’ future. To view the latest issue in its entirety, click the play button on the video embedded below.

In the transcribed excerpt below, Vance explores Ohio State’s offense.

Sam Webb: “Put together the list of things you saw in the game on Saturday that you said (Michigan) you better clean up or Ohio State will take advantage of.”

Vance Bedford: “We’ve been talking about this all year, Sam: up-tempo. Guess what we saw Saturday? up tempo. Next comes FSL (Formation on the Sidelines). Guess what we saw Saturday? FSL. Then we got movement from FSL and again we had confusion. So we have to clean up these things. Number one: up tempo. We look a lot at the sidelines. But what Illinois did — they’re on the ball and they’re going. I’ve already seen Ohio State pick up the pace, so brace yourself. The next is the inner zone. We probably got injured in four or five big games in the inner zone when our guys got scooped inside. We are a better movement team. I’m talking about us being able to rock blitzes (where) we angle our front or blitz the linebacker. We’re better off doing that than just playing basics sometimes. We’ve been pushed around for the past week. That’s why we talked about it in the other video: “My husband, 55, (Mason) Graham… “Son, you play 40 snaps. Suck it up, don’t tell me you’re tired. You should be like a camel. You have two humps on your back. Let’s ride!’ Because he’s a good mover. He’s got good feet, he’s strong and he plays with a lot of leverage. We can’t give the guy a chance (to say) “Well, Coach, I was late on the ball.” Be late in your free time. You’re on Michigan’s time right now. Come early to the dance. So we have to clean this up. We need to clean our disguises. But more importantly, in secondary school we cannot have communication problems. We had that several times. So this week I’m working on tandem stacks/splits, I’m working on moving stack splits. I am working on FSL. (If) I took my husband individually to the field where they can isolate him. I don’t give them (the fade) I play and press him outside. We’re mostly a zone team, we’re going to get the ball back, so bring (the receiver) back inside (where there’s help). If they catch a fade I’ll be pissed (if I was coaching)! I’m sorry, I’ll just do it. Don’t let them fade away. Don’t tell me, ‘Well, whose breakup was that?’ Don’t let him run a fade and a jumpball, ’cause he’s good at it, Sam. I’m not going to let Marvin Harrison Jr. do this to me. I take that away I watch splits. They like getting splits cut into the slit. When he’s in the hash, get ready for a deep overroute and attack Zone Football. So they have certain tendencies that they have. I take that away I’m taking it away because I’m flashing from First Down, Sam, Second Down, Third… It could be 3rd & 1, I’m flashing. I do not care. If they try fourth place I’ll flash again! I’m saying right now you’re in a dogfight. And I come to win the (fight). I’m Mike Tyson and if you piss me off I’ll dance like Muhammad Ali. You have Muhammad Ali (and) Mike Tyson, they have a child together Sam. You’ve got the haymakers and you’ve got the sweet feet like a ballet dancer, that’s all I’m saying.

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