Wrestling: Ohio puts in strong showing at Navy Classic

Ohio made quite an impression at the 44th edition of the Navy Classic. Not only did Alec Hagan take the 149-weight title, but the team finished seventh overall. Ohio put an early stamp on the season against some of the country’s top programs as well as some well-known opponents.

Here’s how Ohio fared at this weekend’s Navy Classic:

125-pound class:

The Bobcats had two contenders in the 125-pound class in Tommy Hoskins and Oscar Sanchez. Both did poorly in their opening game but went into the consolation round to salvage some points for the Bobcats. Hoskins failed to defeat his opponent in the consolation round, ending his day early. However, Sanchez not only defeated an opponent, but also drew the next opponent into the match for fifth place. In an attempt to avenge Hoskins’ loss to American Maximilian Leete, Sanchez failed and settled for sixth in the table.

133-pound class:

Freshman Paul Woo was the sole representative for Ohio in the 133 pound weight class as Giovanni DiSabato sat out the competition. DiSabato placed fifth in that bracket at last season’s Navy Classic, but Woo lost convincingly in the regular bracket before doing the same in the consolation bracket.

149-pound class:

The 141-pound class was uneventful for the Bobcats as their lone wrestler Aidan Waszak went unplaced. However, the 149-pound class was much better. Graduate student Alec Hagan and freshman Derek Raike represented the Bobcats and made good impressions. Hagan started by defeating his first two opponents 4-0. The nearest competitor was edged out 5-0 by Hagan, and he advanced to the finals with a 7-1 win over Kent State’s Kody Kamara.

After receiving a bye in the first round, Raike sent a Michigan State wrestler and two Lock Haven wrestlers to battle his teammate to the finals. Hagan emerged victorious from the match between the two Bobcats. Not only did he win the bracket, he picked up his 100th career win along the way.

157-pound class:

Ohio found themselves with a different group of wrestlers who faced stiff competition in the 157-pound bracket. After a bye in the first round, Dan Segura faced top seed Peyton Robb of Nebraska. Robb quickly dispatched Segura and sent him into the consolation round. Also, Garrett Thompson lost his first match before catching fire in the consolation round. Thompson faced Segura in the consolation round, which Thompson won before finishing sixth overall.

Finally, Peyten Kellar made it through the bracket after a bye in the first round. Two wins meant he would face Robb and he would become the second Ohio wrestler to lose to the eventual champion. Kellar bounced back in the third place playoff and secured his place on the podium.

165-pound class:

Jordan Slivka was Ohio’s only representative in the 165-pound class, but he still made his mark. As the second-placed competitor, he rolled into the finals against top seed Enrique Munguia of Kent State. Although Munguia took home first place in the bracket, Slivka finished second.

174-pound class:

The next bracket was one in which Ohio hoped to gain some ground on the overall tally. Having done fairly well up to this point, the thought was that strong play in the last two brackets would allow them to come back with a solid performance. Sal Perrine, one of two Ohio wrestlers to make it to the NCAA tournament last season, quietly made it to the semifinals. He lost to Nebraska’s Elise Brown Ton. However, Serrine made sure this wouldn’t negatively affect his day and achieved third place by winning his final match of the day.

184-pound class:

In their last bracket, Ohio found a way to place themselves. Zayne Lehman won his first match after a bye before falling to the consolation round where he advanced to the seventh-place match. He eventually won that match to claim seventh place for Ohio.


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