Khoelife Organic Soap

Candice Nolan / Dec 3, 2019

Khoelife Organic Soap

I started using a range of organic soap from Khoelife. That was until my daughter had a chemical burn from one of the baby soap products. The product was marketed for babies. The incident happened in July and I’m still waiting for a resolution!

an image of the burns my daughter experienced as a result of using khoelife soap
The chemical burns from using the Khoelife baby soap range

Yvette Abrahams kept giving me the run around. Initially, she accepted responsibility, expressing concern for my daughter’s well being. Abrahams defended the manufacturing process. Nevertheless, she promised to have someone collect the product for testing (I am in Johannesburg, and she is Cape Town based). I am still waiting.

She promised me a refund. Months later, after battling to get in touch with her, she tells me that her accountant advises that she can’t give me a refund until she receives the products back for testing.

screengrab of a conversation with khoelife
The culmination of much back and forth and empty promises

Seeing as she is so tardy in responding to customer complaints, I decided to blog about it and post it to social media. My daughter may have forgotten the trauma of being burnt, but I cannot, in good conscience, keep silent. Tell us about your experience.

An excerpt from the website, showing the products still on display
An excerpt from the website showing the products still on display

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