Candice Nolan / Mar 25, 2020


I went to see my psychiatrist today. I wore a face mask. She had different kinds of sanitizer on her desk. I used all of them. She noticed, however, that I touched my face (and mask) at least 10 times during the consult. Tag, you’re it ~ coronavirus

So I told her of my vision that this virus marks the end of the world as we know it. And then I heard news of Prince Charles falling victim to covid19. It’s like our institutions (economy, monarchy) are falling down around our ears.

Doc was pretty cool through all of my ranting. Then she added obsessive compulsive disorder to my mood disorder, and ordered me to start seeing a psychologist immediately. She thinks I’m overreacting to this thing. Reckons the worst thing the virus will do, would be to teach us humans to be less messy.

She’s right, you know. We are a filthy bunch. I mean, in this age of civilisation, people haven’t been washing their hands regularly. The doc says that normal soap and water is enough to combat this virus. But soap is in abundance at the shops (thankfully), although sanitizer is missing in action.

So, if doc is right, this should all blow over after 21 days and humans continue living their best life. But, if I’m right, this ship is sinking and nobody makes it out alive. I guess, only time will tell.

On the plus side, things are really picking up with my podcast.

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