Candice Nolan / Dec 18, 2019


So I have this pen. It has a little billboard on the top, which reads “Hello, I am overthinking everything!” It’s quite a heavy pen, and awkward to work with. Apposite.

My website is up and running and looking fabulous. I’m actually proud of what we have achieved so far. It has been completely revitalised. It looks so professional!

But I’m keeping a close eye on visitor numbers. I haven’t seen massive improvements in that area. But I have a Prince working on my marketing. So, I’m sure things will pick up.

Podcasting ideas are coming in swift and fast. The food one is set for release this Friday. And I will be working on one due early in the new year.

But my mind keeps moving. Ruminating. Overthinking. Analysing. Promulgating. Obfuscating. Shifting. I keep thinking I might miss something important.

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