Candice Nolan / Nov 15, 2019


I figured out a way to make work work. It’s going well so far. It’s amazing what can happen when one removes emotion from a shituation. Pardon the pun. But I digress. A year ago, I just came out of a major battle on the work front. I was full of bitterness and resentment. It was tough to see past it.

I am a changed woman. I have found a way to heal. And I am in a far better place now than I’ve ever been. I have been able to divorce myself from my role at work. Work is a necessary evil. But it no longer defines my self worth. I am so much bigger than the strictures of an employment contract.

The most amazing thing, is that I have managed to find a way to keep my head down to get the job done. This is only the beginning. I intend to throw myself into podcasting. This is where my heart is. It defines me, way more than my 9-5 job ever could. But first, I am revelling. Revelling in the feeling of accomplishment. And that lies in overcoming the biggest obstacle: myself!

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