Candice Nolan / Feb 2, 2020


I came across this on facebook. I never thought to look at a mobil from this perspective. It seems these things are designed to attract the people with the money, not necessarily the person who is supposed to derive benefit from this item. It’s a truism.

I’ve had to make job cuts on my little podcast production line. This means I will be insourcing the marketing and the like. But I managed to find my Prince. And will certainly return as soon as I have the means to do so. If you need any help on your website, Prince is your man!

So, I’m trying to think how I could shift perspective on this one. Stepped away for a few moments to rinse my daughter’s hair in the bath. She had managed to pull out the plug while playing. So I had to use the dreaded shower head. “No! It’s going to wet my face!”, she exclaimed. Nevertheless, she co-operated and we got the job finish.

Afterwards I told her that the mark of bravery is doing something you are afraid of. I think that did the trick in shifting perspective. It certainly has for me. I used to hide behind others for why my podcast isn’t taking off as I’d hoped. I needed so-and-so to fix the seo and such-and-such to help market it. I have the tools and the know-how, which I built up over time and error.

And I need to lower my expectations somewhat. My podcast is not in the league of Serial or This American Life. Those guys ARE the standard. But mine is pretty special in its own right. It’s an outlet for all the stories I’ve been bottling up inside over the years. The kinds of tales the mainstream media wouldn’t be interested in. And so, as I shift perspective, it all falls into place. It is well.

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