Pick and Play

Candice Nolan / Sep 24, 2017

Pick and Play

She has an alphabet mat, filled with all the toys a gal could want. But alas. She prefers playing with pamphlets, pens, fluff, the freezer door (it mirrors her image. She would ceremoniously genuflect before planting several open mouth kisses), and now lately, the TV stand. Sigh.

Oh and my dresser, filled with cutex bottles and the like. She always goes for a particular bottle of cutex, and she’d crawl down the passage, bottle in hand, with a steady rhythm of clicks. 

As for the playmat, it’s a systematic destruction! She pulls it apart, removing the letters, which she then chews. But her bestest toy is drawstrings. Like the ones she finds on daddy’s hoodie or shorts. That can hold her attention for long enough to drink one’s coffee. 

I know I seem to complain ALOT. But, I am grateful that she’s happy and healthy. She is just exploring her world, finding fascination in things we all take for granted, like pamphlets and fluff. 🤣


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