Art Lexica Featuring: Riaaz Palmer

Warning: This episode discusses adult themes. Disclaimer: The views expressed do not reflect the policy of Not suitable for children under the age of 18.

Art Lexica Featuring: Riaaz Palmer

Wesley Pepper chats to creative/poet, Riaaz Palmer. Palmer, who lives in Ireland, says the lockdown forced him to return to his creative exploits. They discuss the impact of COVID-19 on arts/music on a world stage.

The Moon




With exciting things lined up for the New Year, do stay tuned! And you can follow the show notes below.

Show Notes

Importantly, Wesley set up this podcast as a platform. To talk art, processes and the politics of art and activism. Special thanks to Chris Morrow 4 for the theme music. The podcast is now also available on iHeartRadio. Or you can visit the website feed. Similarly, you can follow us on Podlink!

Art Lexica Featuring: Riaaz Palmer
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