CAn’t Diss: Episode 4 – Poverty of the mind

Candice Nolan / Apr 20, 2020

CAn’t Diss: Episode 4 – Poverty of the mind

I have come to believe that poverty is a social construct. Poverty of the mind. The ultimate human endeavour, the great equaliser, is the fight for survival. And in the fight for survival, your efforts to stem poverty could be putting someone at risk of contracting covid-19. Some choose to live on the very edge of that struggle. What right do we have to judge their existence, deem it substandard and decide to help them to live exactly the way we do?

It’s empowering to realise that everything I do is a choice. I choose to be employed and have a bond. Every day I make the choice to maintain the lifestyle I am accustomed to. If everyday is a battle for survival, then why concern yourself about what your fellow man is doing or not doing to survive coronavirus?

Life on the edge, poverty of the mind

I wonder what motivated a millionaire real estate developer to welcome a homeless couple into his California mansion…

There are those, like emergency service workers, who make it their life mission to help other people. Maybe, because their own basic needs are being met daily. And then there are caseworkers, nurses and doctors, who help those in distress. They help people in the daily fight for survival. It is a calling.

Rags to riches

By giving the beggar a few randelas, all you are doing is appeasing your guilt. You feel guilt. You choose guilt. And simply because your life looks different (you imagine better) than the lowly beggar. But the beggar is highly successful at this thing called life. For them, everyday is a miracle. Begging is how they choose to engage with the world.

To demonstrate the power of the human spirit, lets take a look at Oprah’s story

This demonstrates that each one of us has the power to live a life of our choosing. We can similarly choose to be limited by constructs of race, birth or time and space. But it’s a choice nonetheless. What did you choose today?

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CAn't Diss: Episode 4 - Poverty of the mind
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