CAn’t Diss Episode 8: The business of school is school

Candice Nolan / Apr 29, 2020

CAn’t Diss Episode 8: The business of school is school

When I was in high school, our principal – a certain Mr Domingo – would repeat the following ad nauseam “The business of school is school”. He had a moustache, which he would fiddle with most archiacally. And he would stand in front of the assembled school in the hall. His words thundered, his spit abounded, The business of school is school.

Honestly, I could have survived without ever hearing that. I was lucky to go to school at a time when there wasn’t a deadly virus, a silent assassin, trying to get up my nose. We know that the virus can spread via coughs and sneezes. But now, scientists have discovered a third method: talking. The louder one talks, the better

The business of school

People are up in arms about what their fearless leaders might say about the lockdown. Rumours abound about a phased lifting of the lockdown to allow certain categories of learners to attend school. Opinions abound. Our basic education minister, Angie Motshekga has this to say


Trust yourself to do the right thing

I just don’t see it. It is a fact that the only thing anyone has control over is themselves. I believe that it is individual parents that will make the decision of whether or not to send their children to school. In other words, teachers can choose to return to school on whichever date. And children can choose to stay at home. It’s really as simple as that. 

Threatened with a virus that will end your life, or dramatically alter the state of your existence (with shocking disabilities and after effects), it simply makes more sense to stay at home. Until you are one hundred and fifty percent sure that it’s safe to allow other people to spit on your offspring. Until then, its homeschooling all the way. 

The business of school may well be school. But the business of life is survival. What, after all, is the point of a highly educated corpse? My husband and I have taken the decision not to return our three year old to playschool. This has freed up some much needed finances on the home front. We have the luxury to afford such an endeavour. Both of us are in a position to work from home as much as possible. What are you planning to do with your children?

CAn't Diss Episode 8: The business of school is school
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