CAn’t Diss Episode Three: Is this real life?

Candice Nolan / Apr 16, 2020

CAn’t Diss Episode Three: Is this real life?

So there’s this idea going around in my head. Suspended reality. They have us convinced that because of coronavirus, we have temporarily suspended reality, when in actual fact, because of coronavirus we are presently experiencing reality. Think about it. You’ve been told to stay home in order to save your life. And without the noise you realise that you’ve been living your best life all along. 

Any psychologist would love to be inside my head right now. To be able to study any human brain during a lockdown, that’s gold right there. And they don’t have to go that far either. We have all become the experiment. In South Africa, they have cut off the supply of cigarettes and alcohol. For obvious reasons, I gather. Alcohol is a depressant. Forcing people to stay at home and allowing them to stew in depression is a sure fire recipe for disaster. This is the smart lockdown.

Don’t be distracted by the noise. Switch off your tv. They cannot tell you anything you don’t already know. Like the insurance industry, the media is like the public’s stunt devil. So they’re out there in the mean streets, wearing masks. Risking their lives to tell you about the great wonders on the empty streets of Johannesburg. But this is one reality that cannot be manufactured.

This is real life.

When last did you catch a sunrise? Yesterday, you say? That is real life. There is no need for any of us to distract ourselves with work and world politics and social media. You are alive, experiencing. You are supposed to be enjoying. This is what sets us apart from the older generation alive today. Their whole lives were lived under lockdown. They kept to themselves in their little neighbourhoods, went to work and had very active social lives. We got distracted with believing that we need to compete with our neighbour for attention. That’s all facebook is.

It took a virus, to jolt us back into reality. This is it.

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CAn't Diss Episode Three: Is this real life?
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