CAn’t Diss: Guest Video – When People Zol

Candice Nolan / May 3, 2020

CAn’t Diss: Guest Video – When People Zol

So I stumbled on a true legend earlier. His name is Max Hurrell and he’s a cool cat music producer in Cape Town. An entire government minister referred to the practice smoking marijuana as “zol”. “When people zol”, to be exact. This particular item was inspired by a press conference by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma unpacking the level four lockdown regulations.

The media would have us believe that our darling president is being held to ransom by his errant cabinet. He announces the lockdown. They take away people’s cigarettes and booze. They ban the sale of magazines, bringing whole companies to their knees.

This is the story of the South African lockdown. A prince charming President and his rogue state. You see, Cyril Ramaphosa moved us from level five to level four lockdown at the stroke of midnight on 30 April 2020. The next day malls started filling up. Traffic increased on the roads. And nobody wore a face mask.

This in circumstances where top government scientists were proven wrong in their most recent projections. A bad thing was supposed to happen by now. A massive spike in infections. But the curve remained flat. They have decided that it is safe for millions to return to work. Consequently, they have no clue!

And all of this under rather strict conditions, I might add. It will be interesting to see how they enforce these regulations and what the results might be. Maybe they just want white monopoly capital off their backs?! Certainly, we will let the people risk their lives to do the things that make you rich.

When people zol

And then a lone inspector arrives at your socially distanced sweat shop. “Mr Patel, I see you are not observing social distance rules! Also, why is nobody wearing a mask!” And with that, the lone inspector shuts down the sweatshop and sends everyone home. Except Mr Patel. He’s off to jail.

It’s all highly probable. Tomorrow is subject only to the imagination.

CAn't Diss: Guest Video - When People Zol
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