CAn’t Diss: Loadshedding returns during lockdown

Candice Nolan / May 12, 2020

CAn’t Diss: Loadshedding returns during lockdown

I am your typical Clarke Kent. By day I save the world, delighting people with stories. And, by night, I work for the public broadcaster aka Awkward Park. This just happened at the end of my shift. Eskom announced a return to loadshedding during the lockdown. But, “No!”, says spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha, “this is not loadshedding!” It is, in actual fact, “electricity supply restrictions”

Eskom is walking a tightrope. Government has decreed that there shall be no loadshedding during the lockdown. But Eskom is pressed. As more businesses reopen, it’s placing a strain on the grid. And Eskom is battling to keep the lights on. Mantshantsha was eager to point out that the “electricity supply restriction” would only apply to Eskom’s direct customers (not municipalities).

But as my dad pointed out, put lipstick on a pig? It’s still a pig! Loadshedding has returned. This has got to be the worst PR disaster in the history of PR disaster. All those spin doctors spinning, waxing lyrical about “Electricity Supply Disruptions”, while the rest of us sit in the dark. Be sure to stock up on candles!

CAn't Diss: Loadshedding returns during lockdown
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