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The search for Ouma Titties, my lost Zulu ancestor

This podcast first appeared on the Sound Africa website, titled De Bijbel. My journey into exploring my own family tree began with the story of Krotoa . I quite stumbled on the tale of my own mysterious ancestor. All I had to go on was the name “Ouma Titties” and the idea that she may have been of Zulu ancestry. And so began my quest for my lost Zulu ancestor. Along the way I stumbled upon an old Dutch bible, which recorded my limited family tree.

This is the foundational podcast for my website. I work in the news media industry, radio is my lifeblood. Marketing, not so much! This website is my attempt at growing an audience for podcasts in South Africa. It is a largely unexplored arena in South Africa and I hope that I can make a dent on the market somehow. My focus is radio type documentary podcasts (far less than that passes for a podcast in SA today).


Spudcaster Podcast

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