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Candice Nolan / Apr 7, 2019

Spudcaster Podcast

Open Streets – Johannesburg

My daughter’s school hosted an open streets event in Johannesburg recently. Following on the example of Open Streets – Cape Town, the school decided to try out the concept in Johannesburg. It combined elements of a door-to-door “get to know your neighbours” campaign with a school fete. Spudcaster brings you a sneak peak into the Joburg event.

Local universities got on board too! As expected the event made for an entertaining podcast, reflecting the ambiance of the day. The weather was cold and gloomy but it felt like we were tucked away inside someone’s kitchen. It is an amazing concept. It’s a reclaiming of public spaces into safe spaces for play.

Photographs by Chris Anderson Photography

a tiny wire bicycle placed on a road marking
A tiny wire bicycle on display
a woman tells a story waving colourful scarves
A story teller enthrals her audience
interviewing a child for the open streets joburg podcast
A little girl is interviewed about her experience on Open Streets Joburg
road markings decorated with a rainbow in chalk
the children used the road as a canvass for chalk drawings

Spudcaster Podcast

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