Positive, Patient, Persistent

Candice Nolan / Feb 28, 2019

Positive, Patient, Persistent

During one of my hospitalisations for depression, I came across a quote in art class. We had to make a wall mounting and paste on quotes which spoke to us. “Be positive, patient and persistent” has become my mantra.

It really pays off. I just had a awesome meeting with a potential client. It seems the meeting was written in the stars for both of us. I do not know what the future holds but all I need to worry about is being positive, patient and persistent.

I constantly remind myself about this throughout the day. I am faced with a peculiar circumstance which sees me occupying a rather toxic environment for the best part of the day. Positive, patient and persistent has helped me realise that this is but for a season. It too shall pass

Right now I am feeling very upbeat. I just completed a podcast, that I am particularly proud of. It reminded me that I do have what it takes. I am slowly un-learning my fear of success. The debilitating fear, that Hymie pointed out to me, has me underperforming in every area of my life. Flying below the radar and never ever taking risks.

Just writing this blog is an unlearning of that fear. Today will be a good day. Positive. Patient. Persistent.

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