Candice Nolan / Feb 20, 2020


I feel blocked. Constipated with ideas. It’s just so painful to let them out. So I spend my time watching Suits. I don’t particularly enjoy watching it. It’s like a soap opera that never ends. And there’s Meghan and the royal family. So it feels real. But it’s not.

I have been meaning to blog for days now. I was going to break my rule and blog about current events in South Africa. But the world doesn’t need my opinion. It will just get lost in the sea of negativity. Besides, it’s almost like forcing myself to serve time for a crime I did not commit.

I have spoken about race here before. It’s a dark road that leads to nowhere. I am trying to rehabilitate myself. That’s where Hymie comes in. And I’m getting there. I just need to keep reminding myself about it.

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