Producing local stories, mastering the web

Candice Nolan / Nov 22, 2019

Producing local stories, mastering the web

Since I started this website, I have been looking for ways to monetise my podcasts. Brilliant local stories require money to make. But I have been thus far unsuccessful. So now I’m looking to make the best of my wordpress account It offers a referrals based revenue base. So here goes.

The trouble is that I have all these tools: analytics, tags manager, etc. Through dumb luck I managed to sync them all together. But its really a case of the blind leading the blind. I am the blind. I have been working on this all day. It feels as if I have been banging my head against the wall.

a screengrab of a how to page for setting up analytics tags
One of the merry go rounds

So I employed a new plug in to help with my SEO. It’s been giving me tips on how to improve. I keep thinking that maybe I’m not cut out for all of this back end/front end business. I know how to produce a podcast. The ins and outs of audio editing, the wonder of scripting — that’s my game. Checking in on my SEO, I’m on one hundred and eighty four words. And counting.

Three hundred is the recommended minimum. *see what I did there? wink* Trouble is, I never know what to write about. I tend to be overly cautious about the topics I do choose. And I’m afraid its my blog that suffers the most in the end. I’m thinking of getting back to basics. Podcasting was the biggest reason I got into this business in the first place.

I started working on another local podcast. The last one was in June this year! I need to work on that turnaround time. I’m hoping the latest instalment will be ready by Christmas. Without going into too much detail, it really does take things back to basics! Finding local South African stories is easy. They are just waiting to be told.

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