Publish or perish

Candice Nolan / Feb 23, 2019

Publish or perish

I just came across this term, apparently used widely in academic circles. The last few days I have been o-b-s-e-s-s-i-n-g OBSESSSING about my website traffic. I have been discombobulated among the hallowed walls of SEO and site rankings. Left reeling from the lofty how-to guides on how to do “SEO” for free. It has been a nightmare.

I’m no SEO expert. And I’m certainly no salesman. But being a freelance journalist in 2019 seems to demand both, meekly in the fine print. I cannot even call myself a freelance journalist yet. I still have a permanent job, for now. The murmurings at the public broadcaster not withstanding.

In the course of my flailing’s, I came across this thing on the deep dark web called Muck Rack. They’re kinda like stalker types who secretly build up your portfolio based on your twitter account. Yeah, it’s kinda weird. And I would be freaked out if I wasn’t so desperate to be stalked. Judging by website traffic, not many of my compatriots care much for my journalistic banter. But here’s an international outfit, with a nose for journalists and a taste for copy.

That’s where I found the saying that says “publish or perish”. On Muck Rack. The only other stalker type (aside from facebook and google) to refer people to my website. Correction. Person. It referred one person to my website. One. So, Muck Rack is the only other stalker type to refer person to my website.

One. It sounds like won. And it is a win. Maybe through word of mouth, that one person will be so enthused by my website that he/she/they will refer others. Or other. Just one other. One. Onederful. One.

So, here I am publishing. My aim is to publish at least once a day. The trouble is I tend to think in mp3 format (don’t we all?). I have an idea for a podcast. It involves me with my microphone at a busy intersection in the leafy suburbs. On a Saturday. But I can’t next Saturday, because I’m having a tattoo done. Provided I eventually get to do that podcast, I would have staved off perishing. For now we publish.

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