Candice Nolan / Apr 8, 2019


I’m building a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Also, I have a two year old. I’m not making much progress. Curious little fingers.

I have colour coded the puzzle pieces. All of it is lost in someone’s desperate bid to keep it clear of the toddler. I should really set about getting some semblance of order once again. But it’s futile really. I should just pack it up until she’s older. That might be fun, building a puzzle together.

It’s really a distraction from the work I should be doing. I have two podcasts in the air at the moment (one, thankfully, in final edit). It’s the fear, I think, that’s holding me back. Fear of success. What if it lives up to my expectation and sends shivers down the spines of others who hear tell of this tale?!

But what if it totally sucks. It’s not a great investigative feat. It’s just an ordinary story. The trick is to tell it in an extraordinary way. The pressure.

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