Candice Nolan / Oct 25, 2017


A year ago, this time, I had no clue if baby was a girl or a boy. I was already on maternity leave, wondering when tiny little sesame seed would arrived. We had named baby “sesame seed” because that’s how tiny she was when we found out.

So much has happened in this first year. A baby was birthed. A mother was born (that took far longer than the actual labour). And my life took on a whole new direction. I have a deeper spiritual connection with the God of my understanding. I have a deeper understanding of my purpose and a sharper bent on my career.

I marvel at the little person we are raising. She is so clever! She loves to tear apart her foam alphabet mat. So the letter S was lying around one day. “Ssssss”, I said, “Sssss is for snail, snake, snow! Sssssss” And she started mimicking me. Now, whenever she grabs the S, she goes “ssssss” 😃

One morning, I was changing her nappy, while daddy snored away in bed. Out of the blue, she goes “Cghhhhhhh”. I said “How does daddy make?” “Cggggghhhhh”, came the reply! Even caught it on camera as irrefutable evidence of daddy’s snoring!

I could never have imagined all of this a year ago. What a blessing. I feel as though I have run a marathon, that I couldn’t train for, and now, at the finish line, I am looking back on how far I’ve come. Resting for only a moment, for the race is not yet won.


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  1. Your blogs are always so well articulated and real Candace. Well done on raising your little person thus far. Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted..its a life long journey borne out of love and patience. You’ve got this.

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