Responsive Parenting

Candice Nolan / Sep 16, 2017

Responsive Parenting

Responsive parenting best describes our approach to raising our daughter. I am very mindful about not translating my own fears and inhibitions into her life. Hence, the swimming. 😉

Today, we visited a good friend of mine. She has four kids; two teenagers and two adolescents. They proved to be way too overprotective, I thought. They had a fiesty little sausage dog. I have a unexplainable fear of dogs. It was hard trying not to be on the business end of Rocky and co. Baby has never been exposed to pets. 

She was fascinated with Rocky, who she referred to as “A Ditt!”. She didn’t fancy it much when “A Ditt!” reciprocated. 😐 Rocky licked her arms and face and ears. She objected with a whimper. The older kids jumped to her aid, pushing poor Rocky away. All I did, was to say to Rocky, very firmly, “No, doggy”. She needs to learn to assert herself.

She also has a fascination with toes and shoes. Maybe because they all within her line of vision. At one point, she communicated her sincere appreciation, by biting our host’s toes. Awkward.

She has this thing, where she kinda hugs the ground. So, she’d be crawling and then all of a sudden she’d lay flat, arms outstretched and one ear to the ground. She is also a super sleuth when it comes to finding fluff on the floor.

Needless to say, between rocky, carpet fluff and yummy toes, we gave baby a proper immune boost. Can’t keep her in a bubble. She needs to explore. And, like a shark, that involves putting err’thang in her mouth. 

We all had fun though! Was just thinking, judging from past experience, hubby would have handled the situation differently. For one thing, she wouldn’t be allowed to crawl, and she certainly wouldn’t be allowed within striking distance of Rocky’s overly friendly tongue. 🤣

Me and daddy are ad idem, however, when it comes to important stuff, like how to raise our little gift. I have much to be grateful for. Thank you to all you good people, who take time out of your busy lives to share in my journey. I wish you love and light.


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