Candice Nolan / Dec 24, 2019


So, I noticed that many of my blog posts start with the transition word “so”. So what?! Alas. In other words, I write how I speak. I speak the way I hear. So.

So, I stumbled upon the concept of reviews for podcasts. I have never written a podcast review. That’s about to change. Especially since I want people to review my own podcasts once they have listened.

Just popped out to do reviews. Reviewed my own podcast just to get the ball rolling! This will all help to get my podcast out there. Apparently, people listen to podcasts that come recommended. That’s true, for me at least.

I was feeling a certain kind of way today. I keep on making daft purchases online. It’s like I’m a rat in a wheel and the wheel is inputting my credit card info on upgrade plans. sigh. I put it all down to my bi polar.

There’s no other explanation. Poor financial choices. And I often make spontaneous decisions. Like trading in my Audi, for example. But that incident with the wheel was really the straw that broke the camels back.

I tend to take things personally. And wheel-gate (as I have now termed it) was no exception. Losing sleep over the unfairness of it all. What did I do to deserve that?! Oh, how I beat myself up. And then there’s my pet peeve.

Stressing about not being a good enough mother. I’m not like other mom’s. I don’t worry if she has enough to eat. And mostly, I’m okay with her eating junk (where hubby obsesses over her diet). This morning, I had to tear myself away from my computer to do her hair.

I’m terrible. Terribly hard on myself. I always have to use circumspect. But that little nagging voice is bag. It says that I’m an unfit mother. That baby sesame would be better off without me. It’s insidious. That little voice. Perhaps its time to make an appointment with my psychiatrist.

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