Candice Nolan / Aug 28, 2017


My time at the mental healthcare facility was enlightening. I was equipped with tools to both understand myself better and help myself to heal. Today, in therapy, I realised a tendency to self-sabotage. By always fixating on the worse case scenario, I often have anxiety about future catastrophies. Like, falling with the baby or baby falling off the bed.

Some 32 000 thoughts pass through the human mind per day. Because of my depression, I tend toward the negative thoughts and obsess, ruminate, fixate on them. Being conscious of this, when I experience negative or obsessive thoughts, I now know how to neutralise it.

There were also some handy tips on breathing exercises (which reset your mind when it becomes hijacked by the panic centre in the brain), the use of candles to set the mood for a calmer relaxing ambiance and mindfulness techniques to bring yourself into the present.

Live and learn.


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