Shelter my people

Candice Nolan / Mar 23, 2020

Shelter my people

This coronavirus pandemic has forced humankind to be more kind to other humans. The army removed the homeless, including street kids, from the streets and is housing them in a temporary shelter for the 21 day lockdown.

Let me put this in perspective. A microscopic organism, which does not possess a brain is threatening the apex predator – mankind. Our leaders are calling on all people to stay at home. Because of this threat, the government is now housing the same poor people they didn’t have space for before.

The government actually went to court to say that they cannot be held liable to house people who are evicted by private landowners. And now, on the 23rd of March 2020, and after meeting with business owners and stakeholders, the President announces that the army has rounded up all the homeless and is setting them up in temporary accomodation.

A new world order: coronavirus

Because, think about it, what’s to stop peeps from coming out of the 21 days lockdown only to reorganise society. Nobody goes back to their jobs. Nobody tries to earn money. Food is freely available. So is water and sanitation. There are no mines and gun running. There are no world leaders/banks/nuclear warheads.

Throughout this whole thing, I kept wondering, where is North Korea in all of this. You never hear the latest coronavirus stats from North Korea. Well, I haven’t. Turns out, they locked this thing down! That says something about their system of governance. Which, by the way, is not capitalistic. Go figure.

Back in South Africa, we have the potential of a clean slate! For far too long, we have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down by the elite, who didn’t want to share the pie. But what if those who survive this are awoke. What if we take over the world, yo! What an amazing time to be alive.

But even if this revolution is limited to the four corners of my home. When I survive this thing, I will be looking at things differently. I will reclaim my humanity.

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