Silver Linings

Candice Nolan / Sep 25, 2017

Silver Linings

So, I finally found the silver lining to my dark and thuderous cloud. She is a very loving little girl. Earlier, I felt abit ignored when the visitors were here. We try not to make a big fuss when she takes a tumble. But her Aunt, not unlike her other Aunt, clucked behind her to fix the boeboe.

My approach, as you well know, is to let her figure things out for herself and just be on hand if she needs a hand. I try not to hover or be too overprotective. I cannot keep her safe in a bubble. She must learn to take life on life’s terms.

Her overly boisterous cousin presented a different challenge entirely. He loves giving hugs and would rugby tackle his little cousin whenever the opportunity presented itself. So, I had to be much more hands on, admonishing her to be gentle (she is an astute eye-poker, with brilliant markmanship) with her cousin.

So she followed her cousin about, mimicking his every move. Or otherwise she clung to her Aunt, who she hasn’t seen in a while. I felt a tinge of jealousy.

But then there were moments where she sought me. Like when she was sleepy. Or spontaneously, when she just wanted a cuddle and to play our little game.

Perhaps, yesterday there was just so much going on. So many adults vying for her attention. She was just enjoying exploring. So, no reason for me to feel jealous or inadequate. I guess I just need to manage my expectations. She knows I am her mother.


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