Candice Nolan / Aug 27, 2017


Red Sam (Yosemite Sam) is truly touched in the head. He shaved his head because he’s convinced that his roomate is making passes at him. “Gays can’t resist a redhead!”, he complained.

His roomate is a flamboyant fellow with fabulous dyed hair. He is in matric. He says he was sent here because his parents refuse to accept his sexual orientation. I had heard that homosexual conversion therapy had been discredited as ineffective. I think it involved electrical shock therapy to reset the signals in the brain. Maybe the therapy involves working with the family unit. Anyway, he certainly shouldn’t be rooming in with Red Sam!

Why, just the other day, Red Sam demanded to see CCTV footage of the lounge. You see, he’d left his wife alone for a minute and when he returned, her “odour and temperature” had changed. He believes she had sex and only the CCTV will convince him otherwise.

I also have a new roomate. She is the archetype of the “crazy cat lady”. She keeps muttering to someone named “Willie”, while unpacking her cupboard. She smells every item, before discarding it and insisting its not hers. She keeps the nurses busy. Just now, she called me “Snoeffels” before muttering something unintelligible. My room was my refuge. No more. sigh. 😐 


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