Spamk you, no spamku

Candice Nolan / Dec 23, 2019

Spamk you, no spamku

So my site is fully optimised. Proof of that is in the spam that has been inundating my inbox. Dating site spam. It’s probably something that can be fixed with another plug in. But I’m leaving that one for my developer to sort out.

This, as I start a chat with the good folks at WordPress. I’m like the petitioner the bible warns against. Pray for something and then let it go. Says the good book. But I inevitably take matters into my own hands.

It’s a disorder that I have. It’s a working title. I like that. I name it, claim it and then rework it. Ha. Of course, it causes me many a sleepless night. Or, more often than not, I find myself in a semi dream state, trying out different solutions to the trouble.

It costs me precious sleep in other ways too. For example, I usually stumble on a problem at five to my bed time. I then launch into google mode to try to find a quick fix. Inevitably, I work on the issue until well past my bed time. sigh.

And it’s really mundane things. Things that I can procrastinate into tomorrow morning. But alas! Here I am compromising my bedtime routine. Inevitably.

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