Spindoctor Forced us

Candice Nolan / Apr 17, 2019

Spindoctor Forced us

Mine was the face that launched a thousand podcasts. Without warning I throw you into a barber’s chair. So I had to relaunch. This time round, you’ll know why you’re getting your hair cut.

I hired a team of marketing guru’s to build brand awareness. They started a facebook campaign which is already seeing significant gains. Coinciding with this campaign, I launched part two of the series “Ouma Tieties – A quest to find my Zulu ancestor”.

But I’m still thinking backroom. Production. Behind the scenes. And so the launch stuttered along at first. The problem was, I initially put out the raw podcast, without any trimmings.

By trimmings, I mean an intro and an outro or a top and tail. But with some wizardry, I eventually got it licked! I hope you enjoy….

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