Standing Up to the SABC

Candice Nolan / Feb 9, 2021

Standing Up to the SABC

Standing Up to the SABC. On the 28th of October 2020, and before I was admitted to hospital, I filed a formal complaint against my direct line manager at the SABC. That line manager took voluntary retrenchment. And now the SABC is pursuing disciplinary proceedings against me, the whistleblower.

It’s a sad day for journalism, when those in charge with leading the newsroom rather use their positions of power to settle personal scores. My complaint was lodged with Phathiswa Magopeni, Group Executive News and Current Affairs. She invited me to lodge the initial complaint. And subsequently tried to sweep it under the carpet.

And to date there has not been any kind of investigation into the very serious allegations contained in my complaint. They tried to silence me because it was around the time of the retrenchments. But I guess now they feel they can discipline me.

I am a whistleblower. There is systemic corruption in the SABC. And those folks that prop up the system are conveniently saved from retrenchments. But the SABC is really cheeky! They are trying to force me to perform a junior function.

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It doesn’t even make sense from a business point of view. To have your most senior legal reporter cutting sound for bulletins?! It’s risible! And they think that because I did that function for a year, it means I’m weak and afraid.

I did that job to gain an understanding of how the SABC’s news engine operates. I’ve developed best practices that could probably improve workflow. But the powers that be are too bitter to see my worth. For 17 years I gave my best to the public broadcaster, and I did it for her millions of listeners who rely on us for information.

You know after everything I’ve been through with the SABC, I do feel like giving up. I’m just tired of all the pettiness and all the incompetence. I find it all sad and pathetic really. So let the chips fall where they must. Dala what you must.

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