Strategic Thinking

Candice Nolan / Jan 24, 2020

Strategic Thinking

It’s time to stop feeling sorry for myself. This constant drive to seek out validation, is driving me batty. So, as I pull myself up by the bootstraps, my perspective shifts. Suddenly its rainbows and butterflies.

So I have all these fancy analytics tools. I can track my audience, gauge as to their likes and dislikes. Fancy things like this. And its handy and everything. But, I don’t know my way around a tech talk.

And now I have the guy. The guy from the other side of the world, perpendicular to the main frame. He is a gem. He interprets all this gibberish into digestable chunks.

He figured out that I tend to have the most listeners on Sunday mornings. That’s the day I release all my church podcasts (well, all my one church podcasts). My loyal subscribers are most active on Sunday’s.

Be that as it may. It’s an opportunity. And it shall be exploited. With this clearer perspective, I focus on what lies ahead. It is indeed and exciting day to be a podcaster.

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