Candice Nolan / Apr 9, 2019


I roped in the experts to help market my podcasting service. They say that interest in podcasting in South Africa has mushroomed. That this is a good time to be a All very promising.

There’s the obvious hurdle. Letting those who want a podcast producer know that I produce podcasts. My marketing guru says I need to be strategic and chat about my services on my blog. This is me, being strategic. I like the look.

So what is a podcast anyway, I hear you ask? It’s the power of radio in a megabyte or twelve. Radio is awesome. I fell in love with the medium many many years ago. It was my first job. It is my life.

Podcasting puts the power of radio production in the hands of ordinary citizens. Citizens who, for all intents and purposes, were largely considered as consumers of media. This is an awesome time to be alive.

Be alert. Your country needs lerts. Ha ha ha. That’s one of my favourite jokes. Its apposite now, as we consider the changing media landscape (which includes podcasts). Baobulb offers something different.

Spudcaster is only a few months old. Already it has achieved success on podcasting platforms like apple and stitcher. A fairly recent podcast documents the story of an ordinary man who had a run in with a powerful politician.

Everytime I check (which is really several times a day), that podcast has at least 20 more listens. It’s not the most widely listened to podcast by any stretch of the imagination, but it enjoys success nonetheless.

Spudcaster aims to tell ordinary stories in an extraordinary way. That goal is achieved with even the smallest of podcasts. For example we host a podcast for a local pre-school. Children are by far the best storytellers.

They are learning the ropes of podcasting through our weekly one hour sessions. Pretty soon, they will take over everything from audio gathering, to post production and final mix.

Spudcaster aims to tell stories, one podcast at a time.

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