Street smart

Candice Nolan / Apr 7, 2019

Street smart

I just compiled a sweet little podcast for my daughter’s school. They initiated the Open Streets project, possibly, for the first time in Johannesburg. So many people remarked that there are so few safe spaces for children in the bustling metropolis that is Joburg.

The streets were decked out in chalk and one had to be careful weaving through cyclists and skateboarders. No more careful than the group doing yoga in the middle of what is normally a street bursting with cars during afternoon school pick-up. It was colourful. And fun. Colourful fun.

Recycling stations abounded. Thumbs down to wasting our waste. And then there was the lovely 750 Randela throwrug made entirely out of used plastic shopping bags. Gulp. That’s alot of randelas! Perhaps I can make my own? hmmmm?

Preventing roadkill, we had our men and women in blue. They had closed off the roads to make it safe for the kids, and diligently manned their stations. It was kind of nostalgic. We used to play in the streets as kids. Mainly because many of us didn’t have the luxury of a backyard.

But, we’d draw in the streets with different coloured rocks. After school the streets grew quiet and one could get away with some open streets. Only, we didn’t call it that in those days. We called it kenekie and hopscotch. Oh and the magnificent art works we would draw!

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