Candice Nolan / Mar 21, 2019


Success is failure turned inside out – The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. And you never know how close you are, It may seem near when it seems afar. My husband likes to tell the story of the coal miner who was inches away from the loot when he threw in the towel.

I have been sitting on a podcast for months now. Brooding over it like a mother hen. It had to be a golden egg, you see?! And so, I just couldn’t let it hatch. The story is a sequel to the podcast that launched this entire endeavour: Bijbel. It was so well received. It’s become almost like I had attained paradise.

Impossible to repeat. Any follow up or sequel would be a failure. It just wouldn’t pass muster. And yet. I scripted the podcast. Carefully. Paying attention to minute details, looking for poetry in sound and word. But I remained my worst critic. It needed another pair of eyes.

And so it sat waiting for the pair of eyes to transfigure – to transform. And as I embark on this latest podcast endeavour, the northcliff murder, I find that there are loose ends that need to be tied. And so with renewed vigour, I’m working to put this sequel to Bijbel to rest. It is time. Also, watch this space.

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