Teething lite

Candice Nolan / Oct 15, 2017

Teething lite

When her first two teeth popped, she had one or two bad nights, easily soothed with teething powder and paed painkiller syrup. Nana noticed them the one morning and the penny dropped for me. Then I made her pancakes (because that’s what one does) and we patted ourselves on the back. ‘That wasn’t too bad!”, we thought. All thanks to that expensive amber teething necklace! 👍

But then.

Her top two teeth, cutting through her gums, showed us 💥flames💥 this morning. She awoke from her morning nap with a shriek of pain. She seemed to settle, so I tried to put her down on the playmat. But she was super clingy. 

That’s when the waves of tears hit. She would calm down for a few seconds and then her entire body would tense up and she’d be crying in pain. Her mouth appeared swollen. She was drooling and her face was wet with tears.

We gave her teething gel on top of the powder. A dose of the pain syrup. Nothing seemed to help. She didn’t want to bite on her cold teething ring. She was in so much pain.

And she only wanted me. All I could do was hold her and talk soothingly and sing her some songs she likes. We had never seen her like that! It lasted over an hour!

But it felt good to be needed. That she sought comfort from my arms. Even though there wasn’t anything I could do to stop the pain. It was a grateful moment. Grateful that I could be there during one of the worst teething episodes. But also affirming, that even though I can no longer breastfeed her, she still looked to me for comfort.

The pain soon passed and she was back to her old self again without too much bother. I’m patting myself on the back today. I can do this. I am enough.


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