Rev Nombulelo Mbewu

princeparbhakar / May 5, 2020

Rev Nombulelo Mbewu

Dear Candice,
On behalf of the Florida Methodist Church we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude, for your assistance with making our Services for Sundays and for the Easter Special Services available so that we could post them on social media. Also to the company ‘’ who make the creating of the podcasts possible.

The period of Country Shutdown South Africa has had to embrace, as a result of the ‘Corona Virus – Covid-19, has challenged us as a Church and Church Leaders to meet the needs of our congregation members too.

We pray that the Lord will be close to your family and loved ones at this time, bless you and keep you strong and healthy. Your generosity and assistance at this time won’t be forgotten. The memory of how we as individuals and as a country were able to handle the changes set before us will also not be easily forgotten.

Yours in Christ,

Rev Nombulelo Mbewu
Stewards and Leadership of the Florida Methodist Church.

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