That’s All Folks

Candice Nolan / Sep 8, 2017

That’s All Folks

Earlier this evening, I breastfed my baby for the last time. Our breastfeeding journey came to an inconspicuous end. It lasted 310 days and 18 hours. My goal had been to reach 365 days, one trip around the sun. But alas. 

The medication I am on for the post-natal depression, well one particular capsule, is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. There’s a chance that it might affect my breastmilk, and cause problems for baby down the line.

I’ve decided to go cold turkey. I hope for a smooth transition for both of us. Just in case, right at the top of my shopping list, is cabbage. Their cold leaves held me in good stead during the early days of oversupply.

We need yo learn new ways to comfort baby, perhaps offering lots of cuddles. It was so handy to whip out the cure-all trusty boob. But we shall overcome!


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