The Amazing Race: Motherhood

Candice Nolan / Oct 7, 2017

The Amazing Race: Motherhood

People can be so mean. The other day, a relative mentioned that her baby was walking at 8 months! We pushing a year, and still await the pitter patter of little feet. Her birthday buddy is already walking!

It’s hard not to be drawn into the hyper-competitive world of parenting. The needling comes mainly from well-meaning loved ones. 

And sometimes loved ones compete with each other. My mom and nana had their own stand-off yesterday. First, mom committed the cardinal sin of visiting at nap time. So, she volunteered to put baby down. Afterwards, mom remarked that baby seems to like it if you play with her hair. Nana agreed. Then mom added, “And she loved it when I rubbed her ear”. “No, she doesn’t!”, nana exclaimed, before explaining that she only pulls on her ears when she has teething bother. Mom said nothing. 

It was funny to watch. I guess we are all in a sub conscious battle to understand the whims of this little one. There can be no winner. Yet, still we compete in this amazingly daft race for utopian motherhood. I do it too. Alot of it plays out in my head. Like my baby’s secret competition with her cousin brother, who is three months older. He had more teeth at her age. And such drivel. It’s really ridiculous. 

Each child develops at his or her own pace. There is no one size fits all approach. My biggest LOL, was a friend’s response when I told her about baby’s swimming lessons. “I taught my child to swim! And I can’t swim myself!” LOL!!!! 


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