The busybody

Candice Nolan / Sep 22, 2017

The busybody

What happened to my little baby, who would nod off to sleep after her morning bottle?! I am in mourning, grieving the loss of my placid little baby, who stayed put and didn’t care much for mummy’s cutex. We are going through all five stages of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Most mornings, she gives her bottle a cursory sip, before whipping herself over into a sitting position. This from someone who, just three short months ago wasn’t rolling over as she was supposed to. Anyway, from sitting she quickly moves to a crawling position, from where she makes a beeline for my bedside table. She sees it as a treasure trove. But really, its full of things she can’t explore, like inhalers and medicines. Sigh. 

I tried to deny her, with a firm “No! That’s not toys!”. But she just got angry and more determined. Then, I tried bargaining with her. “Oooooh! See these lovely storybooks! You don’t want to play with icky panado syrup, do you?!”. You can imagine how that plan went down!

This morning, I was alone with her, and needed to shower. I could no longer put her in the laundry basket, with some choice toys, like pinky stinky. She figured out how to escape, by toppling the basket over. So, I put her in her pram, without strapping her in – BIG mistake. When I climbed out the shower, her legs were dangling to the floor with her head on the seat! 😮 The kid cannot be contained. 

I mean how do you negotiate with someone who…”Ooh a sparkly thing! “What does it taste like?! hmmmmm”. It’s a hopeless cause but I refuse to accept it! 


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