The day the world stood still

Candice Nolan / Apr 21, 2020

The day the world stood still

The day the world stood still. And you realised its heart was still beating. It happens every day now. And it is wonderful. I decided that this is how I would spend the rest of my life. Just living. Laughing. Revelling in the miracle that is life. My life. And the lives of those I chose to surround myself with. Humans.

My cousin had a stroke. I wished her hubby for his birthday. And he messaged back to say that she had had a stroke and was recovering at home. Her name is Karen. She is the first artist I ever knew. An amazing talent. Herself and her hubby put together my first website. This post is dedicated to her.

You know, I realised just now, that every living soul everywhere on the planet is just trying to distinguish themselves from the rest of the penguins. We’re just two legged humans bleating our lungs out, hoping to be noticed. The other day I watched this short doccie about penguins.

The parents take turns to make arduous forays into the ocean, dodging cliff edges and many hungry mouths, in order to bring home food for the little guy. If you thought it was tough going out there, imagine the scramble of life coming back! And then they do the most amazing thing.

You, man! Humans!

Amidst the cacophony of sound from a bizillion voice boxes, the parent hones in on his people. They find each other. Everybody looks the same. We all do the same thing. And they find each other. I used to find it insulting for someone to say that all black people look alike.

Now I take it as a compliment. They’re a bunch of humans that look the same, competing for each other’s attention. Just like you and me. Absolutely no difference whatsoever. That is all. I imagine this is how something like colonialism played out:

A bunch of humans were living their best lives, responding to world events and adjusting accordingly. Strange apparitions would come from the sea, covered in clouds. Then other humans would stop to look for food and water. And the bunch of humans on the shore would supply them in exchange for shiny things.

Then one day a few of these humans decided that they wanted to stay on this lovely land. Everybody was chill with that. Until they started imposing themselves on their hosts. They were just terrible house guests. Raping. Murdering. Destroying.

But they had this thing that could end your life. You knew that your life was the most precious thing you had. So some people ran away. Other’s adapted to the new way of life and forgot the ways of their parents. The living and dying continued. And that’s really all she wrote.

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