The end is nigh

Candice Nolan / Mar 23, 2020

The end is nigh

Even the plagues of Egypt weren’t on the scale of the corona virus pandemic. The world has never before faced circumstances such as these. It’s as though the earth is purging itself. And we are the pandemic. These are the end times. The End is Nigh.

I have been labelled as bi-polar. I’m told that I have an anxiety disorder. My husband thinks I’m over reacting. And if I visit my psychiatrist, she will more than likely have me admitted. I suppose it doesn’t really matter in the end. We’re all going to die anyway.

I’ve been told that I live in my head. It’s safer in here. Everyone takes the virus seriously. In my euphoric moments, I envision a brand new world. Where humans keep their distance from one another. The way it was, in the beginning. We would live in harmony with nature.

Death is certain

Mother nature is already reclaiming spaces. Suddenly, the smog that lived over major cities has lifted. Soon, she will be rid of plastic pollution caused by viral humanity. And all it took was a microscopic organism (without a brain, I might add). Ingenious!

This thing has forced humanity to admit that it is not immortal. Humankind will not endure forever. The world, as we know it, is changing before our very eyes. And no matter what we do, it won’t matter. The paper castles are falling. The stock markets. The GDP. The economy.

All manmade things are destined to collapse. But they are also the mechanism through which this virus attains total annihilation. My husband insisted on going to work today. His boss’ daughter was exposed to the virus at school. But he had to go to work, because it’s his job. He can’t just stay home!

I’m probably going to die too. Total annihilation is the end goal. Imagine how happy the animals are going to be?! Finally, they are free of being hunted to extinction for their horns or tusks. And finally, free to swim the oceans without plastic waste choking them to death. Finally free.

We have this thing called the dark web. Paedophilia runs rampant. This is where adults prey on children. Basically, they use children to masturbate. Which is how one would describe rape (in any context). That’s one sick society. Humanity is foul. Repugnant. And about to be expunged off the face of the earth!

So, in this final push. I’m trying to leave my mark. Graffiti “I was here” across cyberspace. It’s laughable. Because there will be no one left to see my squiggles or hear my podcasts. But, what else? The end is nigh. As I wait for death to come…

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