The Side Hustle

Candice Nolan / Mar 7, 2020

The Side Hustle

I wouldn’t say I’m a natural born hustler. But I’ve become a hustler out of necessity. I’m on the hunt for alternative streams of income. Mainly because I’m sick and tired of being broke all the time and I refuse to take out a loan. So I signed up for a delivery gig and I have potential writing gigs in the offing.

All these years, I have been persistent. I am a journalist. That is all I am and all I will ever do. Getting a side hustle was never an option. I thought it below my station in life. But my podcast is lagging behind and I need constant marketing to attract the kind of audience numbers that can show a real return.

For the first time, my main hustle, journalism, is not meeting all my needs. I am really excited at the prospect of doing something more productive with my time. In between podcast episodes. One of my writing gigs involves compiling lists (10 best and so on). It’s proving to be a tough ask.

But a writing challenge may be just what I need right about now. It will be good to exercise my muscles. And this is a whole new arena. I’ve only ever written news and features. This list business is a whole new ballgame! So, here’s to making my writing pay and my podcast blossom!

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