The sleeping giant

Candice Nolan / Nov 28, 2019

The sleeping giant

So I have been tinkering around with my website alot of late. Learning all about SEO and breadcrumbs. I feel as though I’m smack-bang in the middle of a fairytale, awaiting my happy ending! Alas! I even bought a “for dummies” book! And I’ve come to the conclusion, that if my website was a fairy princess, she would definitely be Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping beauty is certainly asleep, and according to me, she is a beaut! But it seems I’m the only one that is aware of her full potential. Thanks to the good folks at upwork, I have been able to find people who are knowledgeable about all the back end stuff, like web design and marketing.

An illustration for the fairytale Sleeping Beauty
Prince Charming about to awake the sleeping beauty

Sleeping Giant

But that’s all the trimmings! I have the content to keep people engaged. And once unlocked, it will be like awaking the sleeping giant. It’s really exciting stuff! Today I got a notification that my site traffic has seen a dramatic increase. I think its got to do with all the analytics tools and what nots. Soon, I will be able to get my name out there and everyone will know about spudcaster!

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